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Color coded nodes instead of yellow dots for all furnitures.

It's quite confusing which dot/pose for what furniture. Especially when there are a lot of furniture and poses around.


A poseless bed with different poses bought from different creators.
Most likely the nodes/dots are all over the place and it's very hard to identify which dot/node I should click. Sometimes it is so frustrating to find which is the correct one.

Much better if while selecting on the dot it self it will show THE NAME OF THE PRODUCT I wish to click example: *Cuddle Pose [Red]--- Hugging Pose [Blue]---- Massage pose [Purple].

And seeing my partner is on the massage pose. Therefore I should click on the purple dot and my screen saying *massage pose.

The NAME OF THE FURNITURE should be somewhere near the name of the room and furniture tools.
[ It would be better if there is a hint that shift and ctrl should be pressed when moving objects on the =Furniture tools = for new users. ]

This should be also applied in decorating rooms when I select the furniture the HIGHLIGHT should be the SAME color of the node. Instead of PLAIN WHITE. Since it is much fun to decorate and easier that way.

Colors of the furniture should be according to what is added first.
Example: Bed [Yellow ] ---- Then added ----- Pillow [Blue] ---- Cuddle pose [Green ]

To avoid the same color on the same spot.

Ideas for VIP: VIP will have the power the change the colors of the node and furniture highlight since probably some rooms will have more than 20 furniture inside the room. That will have 2 or more in colors that will be the same.

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    Vein shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Khaliste commented  · 

        ok.. i have read through this and even tried to wrap this concept around in my head... and my answer to this **** to the no.. i can just imagine what my screen would look like and nope would be waaaay to much clutter. i would be getting more frustrated for all the added stuff then just trying to get in the right pose. whoever thought of this idea has issues and their thought process is ridiculous.

      • Surgeon commented  · 

        I like this idea, maybe not the more complex aspects but just the color coded nodes.

      • Lovers commented  · 

        I am sure this can't be done because IMVU wouldn't really do nothing about that. The creators who make the poses such as ''stand'' or ''sit'' would have to lable them as that. that's more work for creators. tbh

      • Versatsumi commented  · 

        I ... actually kind of like this idea. I got a bit confused with it, but the general idea I am all for.

      • Gawth commented  · 

        I do like this idea! But not as complex :)

      • Fry commented  · 

        The base idea of this is smart, but your idea is a bit too complex. Not only would it never work out because the categories would never be proper, but it'd be far too many colors for anyone to remember.
        I think we only need two colors
        Color A - A default standing or sitting node.
        Color B - A custom pose node.
        And then /maybe/ a third color for clicking nodes that involve items another user is already on.

        As far as seeing the name of the item when you hover over a node goes, that's also a smart idea, but I'd only want it if I could opt out of it as I wish.

      • BosQueen commented  · 

        doesnt have to be that detailed.. Maybe just different colors for furniture and stand spots ?? this sounds like second life

      • Grump commented  · 

        Too complicated.

      • LordRiccardo commented  · 

        To which the chances of getting all 500,000+ content creators to all follow this are zero as IMVU cannot even get them all to follow the sites rules.

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